No Hammock? No Worries!

While you will need access to a hammock to complete your training here’s some good news: You can start working toward your dream right now! Here’s how you can get started while you line up your hammock:

  1. You can make plenty of fast progress once you get your course access. When you register for the course you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to the course material. This means you can start on your pre-reading and even complete quizzes. Register for your course here to get full access and start your prereading.

    You can LOAN HAMMOCK SPACE or BUY YOUR OWN hammock. If you are setting up your own, go ahead and order your hammock online. Get a 40 denier Nylon Tricot in your favourite colour. Make sure it stretches one way, not two-way (so when you sit or hang in it you won’t sink towards the floor but so when you lie across it, it will stretch the length of your body). Top Tip – Darker colours show the dirt from grubby feet less 😉 but the pale colours still wash up really well. Tip: Avoid non-stretchy parachute fabrics which are often half-width. This course works best with the wider fabric.

    We definitely recommend you GET IN TOUCH WITH A LOCAL STUDIO if possible. They may be able to offer you access to their hammocks to train in. Not only will they most likely be keen to know about up-and-coming teachers (every studio needs backup teachers). Many studios have long periods of the day when they are not in use so you can ask to loan or rent their space and equipment. Multiple hammocks make it easy for you to practice teaching more than one person when you are ready.

    Get ready to receive your hammock by considering where you will place it. Safety is paramount. Your setup should be checked by a builder or rigger to ensure they are safe to bear your weight. You can use veranda beams or other structurally sound bars or fixings once they are checked by an expert. Aerial hammocks usually come as a set with the D rings and daisy chains which are your rigging equipment. You can watch our videos showing you how to safely tie and set your hammock.
    Go through your diary and select the timeslots you can dedicate to the course. Block them out as appointments. Keep these appointments and don’t miss them! Afterall, any missed study sessions will just slow down your future aspirations.

Here is what to do while you’re waiting for your hammock access:

    As soon as you enrol in your course, you can access your COURSE WELCOME plus you’ll have the introduction to your trainer. You will be able to see our PREFLIGHT CHECKLIST, which is your Flight Plan through your teacher training course.Through the videos and the written material, you’ll be introduced to the COMPONENTS OF THE COURSE when you watch the training on HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR CLASSES. This will help you thoroughly understand the theory behind building a consistent, balanced class that will inspire your students. It means you will be able to build your own solid classes upon graduation.
    Immediately on enrolling, you can access your comprehensive aerial teacher training manual. It contains plenty of juicy topics, from rigging to relaxing – everything you will need to know to graduate. Download and print up your manual so it’s close to hand for easy reference.Your next step is to check over the contraindications, and double checking there is nothing relevant to you personally. You’ll find this list in your manual and you will want to keep them fresh in your mind so you can cover it with any friends you will practice teaching with. You also need to practice listing them for each new group of students you meet once you get working.
    Even if your hammock is slow to arrive, you can make a lot of headway in the manual. There is plenty of delicious information to read and absorb on topics such as yoga physiology, yoga philosophy (for the yoga aerial training), History and principles of Pilates (for the Pilates aerial training), teaching ethics, safety, and a big chunk to digest on anatomy and physiology. You can pass the 10-question online anatomy and physiology open book quiz anytime you are ready. You’ll find the answers all contained in your manual.
    In the manual, you’ll also find all the sequences photographed and broken down in detail. You can become familiar with the sequences and lots of our graduates have found they’ve been able to keep learning far from their hammocks, on bus rides, or lunchbreaks! You can also get started watching the videos for each learning block.
  5. TAKE OFF!
    Finally…. You’ve got your hammock! It’s time to GET PRACTICING! Now you can start moving through the tutorials to learn how to teach the blocks. Get practicing too, as you get guided through the experiences by your teacher. Every practice session gets you closer to graduation. When you can fly, you can help others take flight too!

    Ready to Get Flying?
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