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So you want to teach aerial?

Our four step methodology is a proven system to make you a safe, competent and inspiring teacher. In this video we are proud to show you how our tried and tested method will work for you too!

Your journey with the AFI is a 4 step process. For Easy Take-Offs, Smooth Flying and Safe Landings, we follow the AFI Flight Plan

About Us

The Aerial Fitness Institute courses are created by recognised experts in their field.  We create top quality yet affordably priced courses and we pride ourselves on being the best you can find.   We offer Aerial Yoga Teacher Training  and Aerial Pilates Teacher Training.
All online and all at your own pace.

Stay Inspired

All our graduates automatically qualify to receive our regularly posted skills updates, new class blocks and entire 60 minute class structures. With our elite membership you will continue to develop your knowledge base. You will finesse your teaching skills and expand your repertoire to keep on teaching interesting classes your students will love to come back to time and again.

Life Time Access

You’ll receive life-time access to your membership area where you can find all your course material including your video tutorials and experiences and of course, the comprehensive manual

Our promise to you

Our promise is to share our in depth knowledge with you. We will give you a sound foundation using clear communication, safe sequencing and intelligent structuring. During your course you will learn a host of interchangeable modules with extra bonus blocks. This means you will be able to confidently put together interesting classes that suit your skill level, your student type, and the mood you want to give your class. With such a solid basis, you can enjoy your teaching and relax into it, allowing your personality to shine through.

Registered Training Course

Your Aerial Yoga Training course  certification is accredited by a professional yoga organization. Teach anywhere in the world upon completion.


Aerial practices develop co-ordination, flexibility, stamina, balance, mental clarity, concentration and overall health. You’ll find aerial an all-round life-enhancer!

Aerial practices develop awareness of your body’s habitual holding patterns. Over time and with the help of gravity you’ll start to find ways to undo less-than-perfect posture. With a balanced practice, your weak areas will grow stronger, and your tight areas will become more flexible. General vitality and energy levels will improve, and, as you unwind your body and mind, you’ll also drop into relaxation more easily.

Why Aerial?

Better flexibility

Stronger core

Trigger point releases due to the hammock pressure points

Better balance

Support in some balances to feel confident in balancing when help is needed

Zero compression inversions – create length without squash

Promotes good spine alignment

Better agility

The hammock affords creative new ways to really efficiently stretch and strengthen

Boosts the happy hormones

Reduces pressure on varicose veins

Fresh blood to face to feed your fascial tissues – you’ll glow!

Promotes the flow of lymph which assists the immune system

Better neuroplasticity. Learning new things is so important in our lifespan

Deep relaxations

Better breathing to reduce anxiety, boost mood and combat stress

It boosts confidence

It taps you into an urban adventurer mindset

It’s fun!

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