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FAQs (and Our Promises To You)

Why Should I Choose AFI?

Our course is the most comprehensive online Aerial Teacher training course you can find. As a reputable and recognised institute, we also have the best follow on support with our continued education program. Our size means we can offer this course at usually a fraction of what you would pay for face to face courses. Our decade of experience in conducting teacher trainings and our dedication to quality means you’ll develop fantastic teaching skills to teach with confidence and flair. AFI turns out safe, effective and magnetic instructors who can pass on their love of flight to others. The rewards of this course are doubled because the winner is not only you, but also your students!

How long does the course take?

One benefit of online learning is that you can complete the course in your own time. This course is perfectly designed to suit busy students with full time work or family commitments as you will have completely flexible study hours. There is no need to forgo your regular work while you study with us, and you don’t need to spend on travel or hotels either. You will be able to repeat and review any material as much as you feel you need to. Depending on how much time you dedicate to the material and your own practice, you can complete the course in around fifty hours. If you already have a lot of aerial experience, or if you are already a movement teacher, you might do it in a little less. If you haven’t had experience, you will want more practice time in the hammock, and allow more time for the sequences to marinate, then you can allow a little more time. When you purchase an AFI course you receive lifetime access to it. (Not that we expect you will take that long! It’s just nice to know you can review and refresh from time to time)

I am a little out of shape. And I am not sure I am good enough to actually teach.

It is not necessary to be at a particular level in your own fitness or practice. You’ll find that over the training period your personal skills will develop magnificently as you work through the course and practice the modules.

Do I need prior teaching experience?

Our course is comprehensive and it is a stand-alone instructor training course. In other words, you don’t need to already be teaching some sort of physical class and you will be able to become a successful aerial teacher on completion.

This course will give you:

  • A clear understanding of how to best structure your classes. You will have the step by step instructions such as where your students need to be to begin, perform, and complete each move.
  • Precise knowledge of exactly what you need to help your students. For example, how each handgrip needs to be, how high up, how many gathers to take, and you will know all the key cueing points.
  • You will be able to give clear instructions to keep everyone in the room safe. You will be able to offer both hands-on and hands-off assistance as required.
  • You will learn how and when you need to move around the room and exactly where to best position yourself in each part of the class.
  • You will discover the best ways to transition from one more to the next so your classes will flow beautifully.
  • And much much more. (see course contents for exactly what’s included in each course)


With all this knowledge you will be able to instruct with confidence and flair, even if you are brand new to teaching.

I am already a fitness instructor. Do I need to complete all the course modules?

Yes, you will need to read the manual, watch the training videos, and practice alongside the experience videos. It is important to digest all the components of the course to understand how it fits together. However, if you are a movement teacher or already hold some type of fitness instructing qualification, you will flow through the modules a little faster. Prior knowledge will certainly help fast track you through the course and integrate the components more speedily.

Why should I choose an online course?

Our courses are created by recognised experts in their field.  We create top quality yet affordably priced courses. We pride ourselves on being the best you can find and we would NEVER release anything of suboptimal quality.

Online learning means you won’t have to spend anything on travel or accommodation. As you can study in your own time, there is no need to sacrifice family or work time to complete the course. Most of our students have full lives and prefer to fit their study in how they choose and there is no time limit to complete the course.

You’ll also receive lifetime access to your membership area where you can find all your course material, video lessons, and printouts.

What If I am confused about part of the course and have questions?

We are dedicated to helping you become a confident teacher. We know how important it is to be super clear on your content. So, if you have any questions about any of the courses, just email us through your questions. Or you might like to take our accelerated support option and join us on one of our monthly online meetups where we will help you specifically with your questions. We aim for our students to finish their course without lingering questions or nagging doubts.

How can I get in touch with you during my course? Will there be a real person to help me if I need?

Yes! if you have any questions about any of the course, just email us through your questions and one of our qualified instructors will be happy to assist you. You can also choose our accelerated support option and join us on one of our monthly online meetups where we will help you with your specific questions. It is important to us that you get the clarity you need so you feel confident and competent and can get to teaching without lost time.

I love Aerial but I’m not sure I actually want to teach. Can I take the course for my own learning?

Absolutely! You can do the course just for the love of it. You will learn so much about moving and sequencing. What’s interesting is that in our experience sometimes those students who start the course for their own interest, just can’t resist starting to teach and often prove to be very talented teachers! ?

Do you help teachers continue their development after graduation?

Yes! We are the only online course provider offering first-class continued education program. You automatically qualify for access upon graduation. Continue to develop your prowess and finesse your teaching skills with our complete new class structures. These are clearly filmed, with techniques explained and provided step by step, ready for you to make your own.

I Don’t Want to Teach Monotonous, Cookie Cut Out Classes. Can I Personalise?

Absolutely Yes! We encourage our teachers to deliver real, meaningful and personalised classes. So you can certainly adapt as you develop your skills. Even when you are a newer graduate, the interchangeability of our course modules means you have choice in how and what you want to teach each class. You will be able to match your mood, your student’s moods, your physical abilities, and the needs of your students on any given day. You might choose to offer a more energising, fun, and upbeat class. Or perhaps you prefer a softer, easy flowing, and calming segment?  Decide between the blast, boost or bliss modules to give your students what they want. At the AFI we encourage each teacher to bring their own passions and personality to their classes. We believe you will attract students who like what you personally have to offer. You will graduate with enough modules to create many different, interesting, and relevant classes for your students. Also, we offer first-class continuing education that you can access as soon as you complete your course. Here you will learn more moves and postures, creatively sequenced. Besides these  modules, you will get tips and cues to help you be that X-factor teacher that keeps students coming back time and again.

Who are the Qualifications of the Course Creators?

The Aerial Fitness Academy courses are created and carefully curated by specialist teachers who are leaders in their field.

The AFI Yoga Teacher training is devised by Christina Brown. Christina has been teaching yoga since 1996. She has written many yoga books including two international bestsellers, The Classic Yoga Bible and the Modern Yoga Bible. Besides holding several yoga certifications and two aerial yoga qualifications, Christina is also a barre and pilates teacher.

Christina’s knowledge of both yoga and what makes a solid teacher training course is unparalleled. She created a one year yoga teacher training which has been running in her home town of Sydney, Australia for twelve years and counting. This course has turned out countless successful and adept yoga teachers under Christina’s direction. Christina is delighted to work with the AFI to develop the online aerial yoga teacher training course content and devise and impart high value, well-structured and creative sequences that wow.

Stay tuned for details on our other great teacher trainers as courses are released.

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