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Just as you love being held in your hammock, it’s vital to feel held during your studies. At the AFI, we understand it’s important to journey with good people in your life. And our mission is to support and assist our trainee teachers as they spread the love of aerial and the freedom of flight around the world.


The Aerial Fitness Institute is an association registered, reputable, and recognised institute which turns out safe and magnetic instructors who can effectively pass on their love of flight to their students.

Our size means we can offer this course at less than what you would pay for face to face courses. Our decade of experience in conducting teacher trainings and our dedication to quality means you’ll develop fantastic teaching skills to teach with confidence and flair.


Our online aerial courses are solid, comprehensive, and stand-alone instructor trainings. In other words, you don’t need to be a movement teacher to become a successful aerial teacher at graduation. In addition, all AFI graduates enjoy excellent support with our continued education program.

Online learning means you won’t have any travel or accommodation fees. As you can study in your own time, there is no need to sacrifice family or work time to complete the course.

Class Structure for Guaranteed Success

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Meet Our AFI Graduates!

Mady loved being a student of aerial before deciding to take the AFI training. Due to the clear structure and instruction, on graduation Mady felt confident and ready to teach. Mady aims to open her own studio.

“This course is for everyone. I feel fully capable with everything I have learnt in this course to be able to teach a class that is safe and welcoming and fun for everyone. I feel like everyone can do it.”


Tamila, Fitness Instructor who added to aerial to her teaching credentials. Graduating from the AFI opened doors to new studios, immediately boosted her income, and brought a new element of fun into her work.

“I have told all my fellow instructors about the training because it’s so good. My experience was amazing”


Nadean, busy mum with full time work graduated in record time while planning her wedding. Nadean started teaching aerial immediately on graduation and continue to love teaching for her development, fitness, fun and holiday money.

“The course is brilliant. It’s excellent and so easy to follow. Ïf you are interested in aerial. This is the course for you”’

Nadean H


Thanks for registering. Check your email for your masterclass link.

Thanks for registering. Please check your email to discover how to create winning classes.

Thanks for registering. Check your email for your masterclass link.