What They Say…..

If you are thinking about doing this course, absolutely do it! it’s so worth it!  Mady

If you are considering to train as an aerial teacher, AFI will really teach you and guide you every step if the way. I really enjoyed it and it’s not as hard as you think. Everyone can do it! Chien

As a full time worker with a child, and planning a wedding, I breezed through it in 2 months. Nadean

After getting certified, I was immediately offered jobs in different studios and gyms. Taking the course has made me realize that there is a need for more Aerial Teachers and opportunities will come to you. Jodie

The course was very structured, very professional, very detailed, very thorough, very easy to follow. It’s so enjoyable and it’s given me so much confidence to be a teacher and run a smooth, happy, safe, and grounding class. Natalie

I am a visual learner and I find the course really clear and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend it! Louisa

The course is great and very well structured for someone who’s learning to teach.  It took me about a month to complete and now I teach aerial classes after work. I am really enjoying it! Karla

As a an aerial teacher myself, I can say that the course is very well-made and it gives all the basics on how to create a powerful class. It covers everything you need to know from start to finish. It is a very complete course and it’s the best place to start your aerial journey. Lailla

The course was very flexible that I could choose when and how I would do it. It’s heloed open doors for me to teach in different places and build an amazing network with studios and gyms. Tamilla

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