I was on a support call with our web hosting guy. You know, one of those long calls that take a while and have natural pauses while they resolve things. So we got chatting about aerial. And he came out with a statement that intrigued me. He said, “I’ve always wanted to try that but – I know this sounds weird  but…. I want to know HOW to do it BEFORE I do it. 

It really clicked for me. What the web guy was saying is that he didn’t want to start off badly. He probably didn’t want to fail. And perhaps, that he lacked a level of confidence in order for him to FEEL OK ABOUT GETTING STARTED. It’s normal human emotions. Nobody really wants to look bad. We all want to succeed. And we want to feel competent while succeeding. 

Do these natural emotions feel relevant to you as you embark on your teacher training journey? Those beginner nerves can stop you from taking that first step. BUT how incredibly sad – tragic even – would it be TO MISS OUT ON WHAT CAN LITERALLY SET YOU FLYING IN LIFE? 

It’s useful to ACKNOWLEDGE THE FEARS, but NOT USEFUL when those very same fears hold you back. (We at the AFI love that adage, ‘’Feel the fear and do it anyway’’).

It’s helpful to remember those fears you had once you are teaching aerial when you actually have your own students in front of you. Each of them will carry in their own unique packages of anxieties or tensions about what’s about to happen and you will have a lot of POWER IN CREATING GREAT MEMORIES and a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE for them). 


 It can RAELLY HELP YOUR STUDENTS when you can authentically share how a particular movement stalled you the first time you met it. Share what went through their mind and how you were eventually able to move forward. Most of your students would rather be taught by a relatable person, rather than a robotic super athlete! To SHARE YOUR HUMANITY is always CONNECTING and HELPFUL!

That day, my web guy’s comment bought back memories of my first aerial class. I was really nervous. I didn’t know if my body would be able to perform the movements. I wondered if I would be “good enough”. Then it turned out the class was very manageable. INTIMIDATION TURNED INTO ENJOYMENT. I remember how grateful I was that the teacher taught so clearly and took everything step by step. 


 Could I do everything that first day? No. 

 But did it matter? No! 

 The teacher was encouraging. We smiled and laughed. I became a return student. 

That first lesson fanned to flames, giving me the energy to want to conquer moves I couldn’t manage that day. And that positive, encouraging teacher gave me a gift I still cherish today. The gift of aerial! A big thanks to my first aerial teacher

I wish you the best on your path towards being someone’s very first aerial teacher! And to turning them into a return student 😊 

PS. You don’t have to be the most physically adept person to be a fabulous aerial teacher. The right attitude will carry you a long way. If you have any negative thoughts about it, do GET IN TOUCH WITH ME so we can go over your concerns.