Are you considering becoming an aerial teacher? Here is what to Look for in An Aerial Teacher Training Course?  

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Can I Work at My Own Pace?

The delight of an online course is that you can set your own study hours. Choose your times of the week, and hours per week that suit you. Because it’s easily accessible online, you can easily review videos and revise using the manual any time you need. Working online takes out any tendency to feel intimidated that can sometimes happen in face-to-face learning. It’s great to be able to watch and re-watch the videos until it becomes second nature and smooth flying for you.

Will I Have to Take Time Away from Family or My Work?

No! Our graduates are generally busy people with full lives. They love that they can fit the course around the demands of life, with no forced time out from family obligations and no lost income. And as a bonus, there are no travel or accommodation costs required. Many of our graduates have completed their course in around three months.

Reputation and Cost

The AFI course is the most comprehensive online Aerial Teacher training course you can find. As a reputable and recognised institute, we also have the best follow-on support with our continued education program. Our size means we can offer this course at usually a fraction of what you would pay for face-to-face courses. Our decade of experience in conducting teacher trainings and our dedication to quality means you’ll develop fantastic teaching skills to teach with confidence and flair. AFI turns out safe, effective, and magnetic instructors who can pass on their love of flight to others. 

Is the Course Methodology Tried and Tested?

The AFI Flight Plan is a proven method to help you graduate in good time and with comfort and ease. . Our proven system takes out the doubt and overwhelm. Beginning with the Preflight Checklist, we guide you through the steps to graduation, after which your career can take off.

Does The Course Have A Solid Structure? 

You will learn two complete classes with extra bonus modules. These classes create a very strong backbone for your teaching. All up, the course covers 24 interchangeable blocks (containing more than 110 moves). The class structure is logical, easy to understand, and a completely reliable backbone to all your classes whatever level your students. 

The course is comprehensive, suitable for multilevel classes, with sensibly sequenced blocks and thoughtful transitions.

Will The Course Clarify Everything I Need to Know?

Our tutorials are filmed in high definition from three angles with excellent audio. During the tutorial videos, we ensure we cover everything you need to know as a teacher. 

We make sure to go over where you need to stand, how you need to move in steps, first, second, third until you complete the move. We discuss which way to face to best demonstrate, and special points to look out for. Our lessons also include, when you need to be in the hammock, and when you should be out of your hammock and move through the room, and what to be looking for. 

If you have a front and back hammock we let you know when to be in which one. We show you how you can even demo from the floor once students are upside down. And we go through the spotting so you can assist any student who might freeze halfway down. So you can relax into your learning experience 

Are There Written Materials to Back Up My Learning?

THE AFI Aerial Yoga Teacher Training manual is 228 pages long. The Aerial Pilates Teacher Training manual is a little shorter. They are both comprehensive, covering the practical and theoretical ins and outs of teaching.

We cover Anatomy and Physiology including 10 systems of the body. And in particular, we look at information that might be very hard to work out for yourself – how aerial affects these systems. There is also interesting information on qualities of the various categories of the moves.

In the manuals, you will see all the moves for all the sequences labelled and photographed. Everything is laid out for you very clearly, step by step.


We include topics like rigging and hammock care. You get plenty of information on the benefits of aerial practices, the contraindications, student check-in procedures, and scripts. We cover presenting to the class, cueing, and the art of verbal communication. We detail how to deal with injuries and other issues.

The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Manual includes extra sections on yogic anatomy and physiology, yoga breathwork, ethics, and yoga philosophy as a wonderful guide to mindful modern living.

Um, This Might Sound Weird But….. Are There Some Things I Don’t Yet Know That I’ll Need To Know About Teaching? 

Yes. And we’ve got that covered. The AFI courses are devised by qualified teachers who are experienced at teaching you how to teach and share their tips to help you become an inspiring teacher.

Will the Course ‘Meet’ Me Where I Am At?

Whether you are a beginner or a practiced student of aerial and are intrigued to know more; Whether you already teach some sort of movement and want to broaden your career horizons; Whether you have never taught a single class before and need everything broken down with superb clarity; 

 Whether you are a studio owner looking to diversify your offerings and increase your sales; 

 Whether you have an unrelated day job and want to inject some aerial fizz into your life…….  


 This course will cover everything you need to know. You need to feel comfortable to learn well, and should NEVER feel intimidated or overwhelmed. It’s very important that you enjoy the process as you expand your options.

What Particular Resources Do You Offer for The Students Who Are Brand New to Teaching?

Besides the tutorial videos, the experience videos, and the manual, we ensure you get the scripts you need to welcome your students, go over the contraindications, and lead them into the guided relaxations and meditations. 

We have email and live zoom support and we find most students graduate without needing that. And remember, our Tutorials were filmed from three angles on HD video with excellent sound. Need we say more?! ? 

Will The Course Make Me Feel Equipped to Teach?

Yes. To date, most of our graduates have begun teaching as soon as they graduated. While it’s normal to feel some nerves on starting, we are confident you will graduate ready to teach, earn income and share your love of aerial with your community

Will the Course Improve My Own Aerial Prowess?

As you practice the sequences, your technique will develop and you will feel stronger, more supple, more agile, and better coordinated. As well as your body strengthens you will feel lighter!

At the AFI we understand how important it is that you know intimately how the moves feel in your body. That’s why all our blocks are filmed twice. Besides the training tutorials, each block is filmed as an experience so you can be in ‘student’ mode and get in that flow zone and appreciate how the block works on the flow level. This will help you to know your timings when it comes to your turn to teach. It’s a good way to listen to the guidance, the cues, the visualisations so you can adopt the ones you like. 

Will I Enjoy The Learning Process?

We certainly hope so! And it should energise you too. From doing so many courses over the years I know that learning what you love should be an enjoyable process.

Learning more about what you love should be an enjoyable process. It should feel exciting and uplifting because it’s taking you where you want to go. Even though you do need to give it some of your time – you need to invest energy – a good training will give you energy back because the excitement and enthusiasm and love of what you are doing and where you are going, do give back to you.  

Part of this is that we also know how important it is that you feel held and supported through the process. It’s much nicer to relax into learning knowing you are in good hands and will be guided through in a thorough way that doesn’t leave gaps in your knowledge.

Can I Teach In a Style That Reflects My Personality?  

At the AFI we believe in the uniqueness and beauty of every individual. This means YOU. This is each of your students. You have your own personal gifts and prowess to share with your students. We respect that and encourage you to change things up to suit the mood of the class, the level of your students, your own strengths and preferences. We give you the basic class format to use as your springboard to launch. Then you can fly as you bring the flair of your own personal magnetism to make you classes reflect YOU.

Will I Get Extra Support During My Course If I Need It?

And just a reminder, that while you study if do you need any more clarity, you can get in touch with us and we will absolutely be there to help you. You can send us an email and myself or a qualified teacher will get back to you. 


 Or you can be part of our fast-track journey with our regular online meetings where you can have your questions answered.

By the way, most of our students find the course content covers everything they need!

Will I Get Support After Certification? 

Yes! You can join our Teacher’s Support Club. Plus, the AFI has an easy-to-access graduate program with regular releases of new one-hour class sequences, filmed to keep you developing and inspired. 

A Final Note…

At the end of the day, you just want to be in sensible safe hands.  The AFI teachers have experienced teacher trainers who are passionate about aerial 

… and it always helps to travel with good people too!

I hope this gives you some clarity. Remember, I can help you on your flight plan for a more exciting life. Get in touch by booking a zoom appointment here.