In each aerial class, our aerial students will develop their athleticism, all with the support of a hammock. We do creative warm-ups before progressing on to swishing, swinging, inversions, and a flip or trick or two. Each session contains breath work to centre them. And everyone gets to experience a guided relaxation while floating in a peaceful cocoon.



Every class offers a great balance of inspiration, exhilaration, with calm focusing periods.


And this is where THE MAGIC lies.


When you have worked hard in class; – when you have built your strength, really felt the stretches, practiced balancing, and gone upside down – you will have frequently become absorbed in the present moment.


And this absorption in the ‘NOW’ is the key.  The present moment awareness makes stress fall away and lightens the heart. It moves us towards meditation.


If you are teaching kids, you will know it’s a really easy way for kids to move towards meditation. And it works for grown-ups too! Because we are all kids at heart. So it works in that fun, active way that our inner child really loves and naturally clicks with.


Adults notice the difference in how they feel after class. Buzzing with bountiful energy, blissed, yet calm and complete, And parents notice the difference in their child after class. We have had comments like ‘My child was exhilarated after class but in a really mellow way’ or how their teen was ‘uplifted after class and much nicer at home than she has lately been’.  We hear how the kids smile more and sleep better after aerial.


Every aerial class offers a great balance of inspiration, exhilaration, balanced with calm focusing periods, all as a way to help you be in the now moment.


We hope to help you connect with your hammock soon!