Here are the top four things your students will commonly say to you as an aerial teacher

Is it normal to go around smiling at everyone for the rest of the day after aerial?

This is very normal. You can work hard in aerial class, but you relax hard too! After class, because you are in harmony with yourself on the mind/body/soul level, it just feels like the world is a better place. Plus those zero compression inversions really get the happy hormones flowing through. Variations on this include ‘My children say, “Mum’s a nicer person after aerial”.   We say, bring on the love!

‘That was the best experience of my life’

Never underestimate the satisfaction of feeling accomplished at being able to achieve a move that appeared impossible.

A variation on this is the elated, “I am so proud of myself. I didn’t think I could do it…… but I did!”

When you teach the process step by step, and when your students understand and start to trust that the hammock will hold them, magic happens. With the AFI expert and clear instruction, your students really can surpass their own expectations. It’s a great feeling to see your students feeling accomplished, like successful urban warriors!

‘I Feel so Stretched Out!’

Aerial stretching is even better than earth-based stretching. Three things work to produce this effect.

  1. Brilliant tractions from the inversions and the hanging releases allow the muscles to stretch.
  2. The support of the hammock allows for deeper than usual stretches – there are lots of examples of stretches that are better than on the ground.


  1. During aerial classes, the hammock often wraps around limbs, under the feet and across the torso. This pressure provides deep tissue massage which gives a great feeling of release after. In the beginning, this pressure can feel really intense for some people but do persist – before long you get that ahhhh feeling so you feel good during, as well as the terrific after feeling.

Remember stretching is conducive to relaxation and what urban warrior doesn’t need more of that?!

‘That cocooning was divine’

We were all in our mother’s belly once. There is something about the floating in that womb-like silky cocoon that is innate connects with all of us. The optional slow swaying  can take you right back to those earliest of days.

It’s wonderful seeing your students float out the door after class. You know you have done the world a favour by helping it relax, one person at a time.