Has your fitness routine become a bit same-same? Have you lost enthusiasm for what you do? Are you feeling adventurous and in need of a fresh take on life?  If you want to funk up your fitness, then aerial yoga will be a good fit for you. By trying an aerial yoga class, you’ll get a whole new lease on life. Being supported while suspended in the air and still be free of any constraints is so liberating and such a thrill. A new take on life!

But, first, maybe you just need to get more of an idea of what aerial yoga is.

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga where you use a silk hammock instead of a regular yoga mat. Usually, the hammock is set to the height of your upper thighs. You can use it to lean into, press against, sit in, stretch out and float in, lift up and over. It will increase the amount you can stretch, It will develop your strength. The hammock will allow you to traction and release pressure. It will act as a deep tissue massager. And the hammock will support you perfectly if you want to turn upside down and embrace your whole body as you rest in deep meditation, swishing lightly to and fro.

So What is it About Aerial Yoga and Pilates that Makes it Feel so Magical?

The benefits of aerial yoga range far and wide. It’s what makes it so exciting for all our friends in flight. Here are some of the benefits;

Better Flexibility, Balance, and Agility

Hammock improves so many of your classic yoga postures by assisting you to get more flexible, relax into balance, and feel more agile than regular yoga does. Earth yogis often comment on how they can go deeper into their flexibility and move in ways that feel more three-dimensional with the help of their hammock.

Longer Inversions Without Compressions

In regular yoga, you can’t hold inversions for as long as it becomes too intense for your body. In aerial, the hammock helps hold you in place. So inversions become safer, more achievable and more enjoyable. And you can stay much longer and get all the myriad of benefits from flipping your fitness.

Many of our students notice the more inversions they do the better their mood because inversions are so mood-enhancing. Life just feels easier and happier.

As well, we love how there are no compressions on your neck or spine, and your body will love this too!

Increased Strength & Stronger Core – Fresh New Ways

Regular yoga can build core strength but aerial practice really cements the gains. As you are suspended in the air, there are many interesting, fun and creative ways you can build core strength and maintain it. When comparted to regular yoga class, often people really appreciate the difference.

Boosts Happy Hormones and Provide Deep Relaxations

a girl in her hammock that is happy doing aerial yoga

Your happy hormones such as Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine, and Oxytocin are promoted by aerial practices. So you get the feel-good feelings flushed through just by practicing!

Promotes Good Spine Alignment and Eases Back Pain

Aerial yoga classes and our online teacher training course improve spine alignment. Gravity assists you to hang naturally in a straighter alignment.  It’s all so positively different from all those little adjusts and coping mechanisms that take place when you are standing on two legs.

Besides getting better body posture aerial will ease and prevent back pain from appearing. Coupled with the stretchy release of overtight compensatory muscle patterns aerial yoga and Pilates are a great help to eliminating back pains, our students are always commenting.

Aerial Promotes Better Blood Flow & Assists Immune System

Due to the never-ending repertoire of aerial movements, a healthy blood flow is promoted. The blood may travel to your face and feed your fascial tissues, giving you a wonderful glow. The inversions and all those squeezy muscle movements also flush the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system, improving your immune system.

Aerial Reduces Anxiety & Combats Stress with Better Breathing Patterns

Aerial yoga provides helpful breathing patterns to help you relieve your stress and reduce your anxiety. In a single aerial class the active always complements the softer practices. Each aerial yoga class features quiet floating time for meditation and relaxation, which students appreciate and can really enjoy. In this way aerial yoga not only helps you to be physically fit, it also helps you to be mentally fit and feel better emotionally too – We consistently have amazing feedback from our students on this.

Boosts Confidence

What many people comment about aerial classes is how something that looked hard is actually surprisingly manageable. And how from class the class the improvements are much more noticeable than in regular yoga or Pilates classes.

We all gain confidence when we learn something new. It’s so positive to develop as we move through life. At the Aerial Fitness Institute, we believe that continued growth and development will bring joy and happiness to your life.

Is A Fun & Enjoyable Hobby

Often aerial classes have a lot of laughs in them. And new students might even get a round of applause when they do something for the first time. Having a giggle in class doesn’t devalue the experience or distract others like it might in regular yoga class. At the Aerial Fitness Institute, we understand laughter will help to get those happy hormones circulating fast!  Aerial yoga can definitely be a new and exciting path for you and if you want to teach it you will spread that positive joy in our world. And the rest of us thank you for it. ?