Aerial yoga is on trend nowadays and many are wanting more information on it. Tight schedule? Getting an aerial yoga book online is what you need. People say a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to aerial yoga books they are on track. This book gives you a step-by-step photograph poses taken from different angles. With the help of these you poses, you can figure out which part of the muscles and joints are being conditioned.

Here are some of the best Aerial Yoga Books in 2021

Beginners Guide to Aerial Silk

Written by Jill Franklin, a 98-page detailed instruction guide for beginner aerialists. Proper forms to guide you like an instructor is present in this book. Climb, invert, wrap and spiral your body into different positions is also present. With the help of this book you’ll gain the strength, flexibility, and balance to help you live a healthy and fit life.

The Suspension Yoga Instructional Handbook

This handbook written by Beatrix Montanile. It is a full-color manual describing aerial yoga terminology. This handbook also covers the physical and mental benefits of aerial yoga. If you have questions on the installation of the silk hammock this handbook also covers that. You can order this book via the internet.

Aerial/Swing Yoga: A Guide to Expanding Your Practice

A recognized Yoga Therapist and Aerial Yoga Instructor, “Linda Patterson” wrote a book. This book explores how aerial yoga practices strengthen the body. It also mentions the challenging and therapeutic qualities of aerial yoga. Lots of the author’s experiences and way of teaching are in this book. You can order this one online.

Aerial Physique FIT : Gain the strength of a cirque performer, the legs of a ballet dancer, and the abs of a Pilates pro

A book written by Jill Franklin. This book has a 158 pages of Jill’s personal experiences and challenges over the decades. Jill also share how she developed her Aerial Physique method. Each chapter will tackle different parts of the body and how to improve it through aerial yoga poses.

The Quick Guide to Aerial Yoga Poses

A book written by Emily Griffith. The book provides over 50 pictures with descriptions depicting Aerial Yoga poses. It has “note section” where you can put your own thoughts and breakthroughs as you work through the poses. You can order this book on the internet.

The Aerial Yoga Manual Vol.1

This book written by Rebekah Leach. It contains over 300-pictures relating to aerial yoga poses. It provides a step-by-step manual on how to suspend in the air with poise and grace. There are also a lot of poses described in the book. This book is designed to cater to the needs of both aerial yoga instructors and students. You can order this one online.

The Aerial Yoga Manual Volume 2

This is a continuation of Rebekah Leach’s first manual about aerial yoga. This book contains 50 more moves with detailed descriptions. Like the first manual, this is also catered for students and teachers who are ready to go to the next level. 
Soaring with the Soul: An Aerial Yoga Guide First Edition
A book by Hally L. Johnson, offers stunning detailed pictures that will keep you hooked on each page. Over a hundred asana posture about aerial yoga to discover by the readers. It also gives you ideas on what it can give you mentally and physically. You can order this comprehensive book online.

Aerial Yoga Conditioning Manual (Kindle Edition )

This book written by Kassandra Ferguson. It talks about how aerial yoga as a hybrid type of yoga provides a great balance of strength and agility. A challenging total body workout with rewarding results for both metal and physical. This book contains over more than 60 exercises with alignment & breathing patterns included.

Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to Strength, Flexibility, Training, and Injury Prevention

Written by Emily Scherb. This book provides an illustrative guide specifically designed for aerialists such as trapeze artists and other people who practice other aerial arts. This book focuses on getting your body in shape to avoid unnecessary injuries.
As a physical therapist, she explains the importance of Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts. It also talks about how aerialists should learn your bones, muscles, joints and soft tissues work and how you can use them for aerial stability.
Keep in Mind
With the help of these books it can improve your techniques about aerial yoga. But approaching an experienced teachers is always the best and safest way help you.
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